Shopify Wishlist Apps Audit Report


We have audited the first ten Wishlist apps in the Shopify app store at the time for UI/UX elements that we have checked by using the apps demo stores in their listings.This report has only used what we could see in the demo stores and any points that we have found or made was just from the time we checked and does not mean the apps do have those issues but how they were showcased in the demo stores is how we made out findings.

So the information in Ithis report on how these apps function is only from those demo stores provided and which should be fully functional as we found from a recent survey that most people view these to check apps out first.So this report will not only check out how the apps function but also how well they have been set up in the demo stores to showcase them.One app failed badly and so has a low score but it does not mean that that app does not function less than the other ones.Some of the guidelines here are more important than others but there are a few that should be on all apps.

Each app was given a score on how we felt they achieved or didn't on each guideline.


Apps in this report

Wishlist Plus 

Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC

Wishlist Hero

Wishlist King 

Advanced Wishlist 

Wishlist @ $2 

Smart Wishlist 

CustomerMeta, Wishlist Compare 

Wishlist Compare Plus 

Gift Reggie


The report is only based on the demo stores set up at the time and is only our personal views.  Apps may have improved from the time of the report which was one reason for the review so only take this as a recommendation on which app is best