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Everyone wants to have a better conversion rate or increase their AOV and that's where we can help you to improve your store from some basic tweaks to full A/B testing.


So where do you start in getting your store to convert better, well you have made a good start by coming to our site and we will help your to get a better store that is more likely to convert.

The first things you should get done is to have a store review to check that your site has all the important elements to help it convert, this is called a heuristic report.  This report will give you actionable tweaks that you can do to your store now and does not need any extra testing, think of it like a health check.

We also recommend to make sure you have your google analytics account setup properly as recommended by Google itself.  This will make sure you are collecting the data needed and that it is protected as any mistakes might mean you lose your valuable data which cant not be brought back.  Your account should have three views if it is setup properly.


Then when you have got plenty of Google analytic data( at least six months) we can then look into your data to see if there are any areas that are causing problems or can be improved on.  Heatmaps and surveys can also be run now.


Then all this data will give you an idea of where you could tweak to see if something works better and this is done by A/B testing so that you get a real results, not just guesswork