We cater for all store sizes from startup needed an expert pair of eyes to check that they have their store set up to help it convert once they get good traffic flowing in and to get as much out of the paid traffic as we know your need to get as much out of the site even at this early stage and we work with big Shopify Plus stores as well which even the smallest of increases i the conversion rate or AOV can have a massive impact on the revenue.


So we offer our standard services that can e brought off the shelve so you can get going straight away and we also can discuss more of your needs for a more tailored approach.


The first step we always recommend is to check that your store is set up to convert and it doesn't have any areas that could stop this. This is a store audit or a heuristic report which we will check your store for the well known best practices to make sure you are following them.

Then we would look into your store real data from Google Analytics, running heatmap which is your quantitative data. We also use qualitative data which is your customers feedback you might already have or we could run some feedback questionnaires. we use user-testing service for feedback too.


  • All this information will let us understand areas of your site that are causing your visitors issues and areas to improve to help convert more