Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimising is a process to analyse your stores existing data to help improve your conversion rate of elements of your site which could be a purchase or to complete an action like signing up to a mailing list.  Using your sites existing data you can see if there are any problem areas that could be improved to help convert better.  Once you have found an area that you think needs to be improved then you can then run some tests to see if it does, in fact, improve the conversions or even the flow of the site.  It is a process of testing your data to see if one element is better than another with real data feedback rather than just guessing and hoping for the best.

CRO will help solve issues with your store which could be losing you money, think of it as filling holes in a leaky bucket.

A heuristic report will check your current site to make sure it is set up to convert by following the well known conversion tactics and will also check that all vital elements are present on your site plus everything works.

Quantitative data is real data that your store has collected like your Google analytics data and heatmaps which all show what is going on in your store.

Qualitative data is from feedback from visitors, customers and by running surveys or user insight resting reports.

Heatmaps record visitors activty on your site from clicks, movemnet and how far they scroll.  They can also make recordings of the vists too.

Our Services

The first step is to get a heuristic report done on your store so that you are in the best position to convert.

The more the better but we would normally need at least six months worth of data.

Do you have three views? 

If not we would recommend you get this done to protect your valuable data as it can not be brought back if a mistake is made.

Yes of course we do but we will discuss this with your once we have checked your data.

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