What is Conversion Rate Optimising

Conversion rate optimising is a process to improve a sites ability to turn a visitor into a paying customer and to improve the whole customer journey.

How do we do it -First we look at the basics of the site to make sure all the important elements are there, then we look into the real data by using tools like Google Analytics, heatmaps etc.

It is an ongoing process to slowly improve the site.

Improve Shopify Store Conversion Rates

How does it help your ecommerce site

Many stores spend a lot of money and time to drive good quality traffic to their sites but then find that they are losing potential sales because the most important part which is the site setup and design is not ready to convert them into buying customers.

So by having a conversion expert review your site for well-known issues and to look at the real data in Google Analytics and heatmaps etc they can slowly improve your sites conversion rate and overall customer experience.

How do you improve our site

We will review the initial design to check for the well-known areas and anything that is not working. Then we look at the real data in google analytics, run heatmaps and user testing to pinpoint areas that can be improved.

We will look in detail at each part of the site and have objectives to work to that will help raise the conversion rate and general UX/UI.

Conversion Rate Audits

How much does Conversion rate Optimising Cost

Monthly CRO retainers from £499 p/month.