Standard Google Analytics Setup

  • Protects your Data
  • Follows Googles recommended setup procedures
  • Setup by a Google Analytic certificated expert

Google Analytics is a valuable tool that will help you learn what is happening in your store over time.  It will help you understand where people are dropping off your sales funnel and if there are any issues to your site like certain browsers have issues etc

We will set up your account to protect your data with three views that google recommends you have to protect your data.

What's included:

• Setup for three Analytics views

• Enhanced eCommerce setup

• Excluding your IP address from the data

• Adding a Goal to track your visitors funnel towards your cart page, and the final thank you page

• Set up your account to report what people search for via your search bar I will need full access to your Google Analytics account, and the IP address that you use, which needs to be excluded from your data.


This setup is only for Universal Analytics and not the new GA4 system yet.

Contact us if you need extra tracking added.