Heuristic Review

The purpose of an eCommerce store is to sell your products or services and to be able to do this you need to make sure your store has been set up to help it convert so that you can get as much as possible out of all your valuable traffic.

So this report known as a heuristic store review will check your site to make sure it has all the well-known elements that have been proven to help with conversions on thousand's of stores over time and to highlight any areas that could be hampering you converting visitors. It will look at the basic UI/UX of the site and make sure you have the basics correct which you need to build from.

So we will look at the site to make sure it is easy to understand, easy to navigate and find what a visitor might be looking for, plus doesn't have any sticking points that will affect the path to reaching the final goal

Most of these are simple fixes that can be done in most themes settings but depending on the theme it might need to have some custom coding done or a switch to a theme with better elements to suit your business needs

We will look at your site for these.

  • Clarity- is it clear what the site is about and what its value proposition is, is it obvious what next action is supposed to be that a visitor should make with as little effect as possible

  • Friction- is it easy to navigate, are there trust points or anything that could stop people from buying. Are forms or do actions take too much time to complete? Is your site trustworthy, do you answer all the questions from all entry points like shipping costs etc?

  • Distraction - are the elements that can distract you like flashing elements or too many pop-ups.

  • Urgency - Is there anything that compels people to take action right away?