Why does my Shopify store not convert

We see so many people on social media ask about why their store is not converting which could be lots of reasons why but we thought we would write the most common reasons why.


  • Oversaturated niche- if you are trying to sell in a niche that has thousands of similar stores then you will find it harder to sell to due to the increased competition so you need to give them a reason why they should buy from you
  • Wrong traffic coming to your store - if you are not getting the correct people into your store then you will find it hard to convert them well.
  • ads lead to a bad landing page or irrelevant to the ad - make sure the ads are clear and lead to a good related landing page or homepage at least.
  • Site loads too slow - slow sites will drive people away and this could be bad coding or what we normally see is too many apps.
  • Banner image and text do not tell the visitors exactly what your site is about and it should do this within milliseconds.
  • Navigation is to complex or does to let visitors find what they need quickly and easily
  • Missing information pages easily an about page and shipping details which should contain details like where you ship to and not too.
  • Homepage or site does no give a reason to buy from you, what makes you different, what's your USP.
  • Broken links- make sure all links work
  • Products are not sorted into collections properly and you just get a massive collection of mixed products.
  • Buttons do not stand out enough so won't get clicked
  • ATC is below the product info- this should be visible without scrolling
  • ATC is white on a white background - are you trying to hide this, make sure it stands out and slaps people in the face
  • Shipping costs only become apparent at checkout - so a product has an extra cost a checkout will but most people off
  • You have to make an account to checkout -  don't force people to make an account and they should be able to checkout as a guest.  Ask them to make an account after purchase.
  • the site looks unprofessional and not trustworthy
  • Too many popups or pops up as soon as you arrive.



We could go on and on but here you can see a lot of elements that can affect your conversions.
If you would like an expert to view of your site ad some actionable points to fix then try out our Heurist store report which will check for the points above and much more.  Some of these above points have been found to double
(sometimes more) some sites conversion rates.

Crowth Shopify heuristic store review.