Why do you need CRO

Conversion Rate optimising 


So you have spent time building your store, brought a premium theme to make it look good, added some paid apps to help with things, spent time and money on SEO to help your site rank higher up and have spent lots of time plus money on running ads.



Think of your site as a bucket and all the above points is some kind of tool to help you add water to your bucket.  Some of these tools will be better than others and I'm sure you have spent time and money on improving these.  Take you ads for example I bet you have found some ads perform better than others and you have spent more time on these ads to help drive more and more traffic to your store which is great, not doing this would be like trying to add water to your bucket with a slotted spoon but by improving them your spoons slots will disappear so you are not spending, money on ads that are just getting wasted.



So your bucket is getter lots of water added (traffic) but for some reason, your store doesn't convert any better enter thou the quality of traffic is getting better.  This is because your bucket has lots of holes in it which is just drain your water out the faster that you can fill it.


What would happen if you could fill some of these holes and increase your conversion rate from an average 2% to 3%, that would be a 50% increase. 



A conversion isn't just about getting a sale thou as it could also be something like getting a newsletter sign up for example.

Well, that's were CRO ( conversion rate optimising) comes in as from following the basic common known elements that have been proven to help increase conversions.  It could be something as simple as changing an add to cart button colour or improving your sites navigation that could get this extra 1% conversion rate increase. 

Now not only are you making more money by converting more but you are also helping not lose all that hard work and money spent on getting the traffic to your site especially with ads.



So how can a CRO expert help my store, well they would look at stores set up and would check for no major issues first but more importantly they will look at your Quantitative data (Information that can be measured by numbers) which will be your Google analytics for example which we hope you have got set up properly as it holds a wealth of information that in the correct hands and tell you whats going on in your store.  Heatmaps are another way to see what is actually going on in your site, this help sees where people click, scroll and will also record them.  Did you know the top left of a screen is the hot spot where most activity takes part on a website.

Then there is Qualitative data, This can be a survey, Polls and an incoming feedback widget which will sit on the side of your site and these can help find out what people think of your site.



So none of this is guesswork as we are using real data which will give better results in the long run.

Once the data has been checked there might be areas that are causing some issues or areas that are doing well but could be improved.



But once again how will you know that the new idea or tweak will be better than the original, this is were A/B testing comes in as we will take your original element and show that to half of your visitors and then show the other half the new test element and this will give us results to see if one is better than the  other.



So by spending money on getting your site checked by a CRO expert can help you increase your conversion rate and even your AOV.  Just image how much extra you could take if your conversion rate went from 2% to 4%.