The top ten most common store conversion setup mistakes

So you have an online store that you have spent time on setting up, added your products etc and now start to pay for ads only to find that those paid for visitors come to your site and leave without buying anything.   So you carry spending your budget into more ads hoping that things will get better.  But you are probably losing money as fast as you can add water to a bucket with holes in it.  Fill these holes and less water or money in your case will be lost.

So how do you fill those holes that are losing your valuable money?  The first step is to try to make sure that you have your site set up as best as you can by following the best practices that have been found in thousands of other sites to work.  Every site is different though but it will give your site a great starting block to succeed.

we have done lots of store reviews over time and there are a few common mistakes that can have a massive difference to sites. Here are the ten most common things that we see.


1) Banner

Most sites will not have a domain name that will let people know what your site is about before they land on it so having a good banner image when they do is vital.  It should tell people within milliseconds what your site is about so chosen carefully this will help.  Then it should have some banner text that is not too long that will also tell people what it is about and have a clear call to action button to draw people into your site more.  Make sure the image fits on smaller screens and that the call to action button is visible



2) Navigation

Now unless you just sell one product then good navigation is vital to help people find what they need quickly and easily.  It should be as simple as possible and let people get from a to b in the shortest path possible.  You don't need to have a Home link as most people know that clicking a logo will bring them back to the homepage.  Collection pages with a good sidebar is a great navigation tool for stores with a large product range.



3) Social media links



Now you have spent lots of time and money bringing your visitors to your site to then show them some social media links for them to click on.  So they click on them and arrive at the social media accounts to then easily get distracted and forget about your site.   It is like letting them into the front door of your site only to then let them out the back door.  Now, these are a good thing to have but they should be kept to the product pages ( check Amazon out ) and perhaps the blogs plus in the footer.  Also please make sure and with any off-site link that they open it a new tab otherwise you have just kicked them out of your store.



4) Branding

No branding with typography and colours is a common mistake as you just get a plain boring site with black buttons.  Bring your site to life and give it some character. Try out for which colours go with each other



5) Quick view

Now one of the most important pages of your site is the product page as this has all its details in it laid out well ( well hopefully you do) so why show them it in a small box which has been found to not convert well.  But even worse is that a collection page with quick view enabled will need to load all this product data in the background which will slow your page down.



6) Add to cart


This should be high up the page and above the product description.  It should also stand out and slap people in the face as you want to make sure they can see it and click it.



7) Product descriptions

Now, this is your sales speech area, let people know all about why they should buy your product with all the details they will need.  not just saying "A coffee mug"



8) Images

People are visual and having great images from banners to products will make a big difference in how well they will sell.  



9) Information pages

Make sure all the important information pages are available like T&C, privacy etc.  But there are two which people need to show and not just in the footer, About Us which will get more views than you would think and the more important one is the shipping details page, let people know where and how much it will cost.



10) Header

Make sure this does not cover too much of the top of the page as you will be taking up valuable screen space.  This is normally down to the logo being too large.