What is Conversion Rate Optimising (CRO)

Conversion rate optimising is a process to analyse your stores existing data to help improve your conversion rate of elements of your site which could be a purchase or to complete an action like signing up to a mailing list.  Using your sites existing data you can see if there are any problem areas that could be improved to help convert better.  Once you have found an area that you think needs to be improved then you can then run some tests to see if it does, in fact, improve the conversions or even the flow of the site.  It is a process of testing your data to see if one element is better than another with real data feedback rather than just guessing and hoping for the best.



Why should you use CRO for your eCommerce site?

Number one reason is normally to help convert more visitors into buyers.  If you are spending time and money in getting valuable traffic to your store the last thing you want is for them not to buy from you. Even a small increase in your conversion rate can have a big difference in your profit.

So by using real data from your store you can then take informed ways to test out any improvements than just guessing, and hoping for the best, with proper testing you will get real results back on if they will make a difference or not.

 Even if you already have a great site that has good conversions then testing elements can still help you improve your site's conversions even more. 

If you could convert your conversion rate from 1% to 2% then you would be doubling your conversions.


So how can you improve your conversions

Well, you could just guess and hope for the best but how would you know for sure that it was better?

There are a few things that have best extensively tested that you should implement from the start.

  • A clear CTA on your landing page
  • Having your ATC button high on your product page
  • ATC button standing out
  • Free shipping

and plenty of overs too.


 The best way would be to use CRO to gather information on the data of your site and then run some tests to see if it makes an improvement over the original.  e.g you could test to see if one banner heading with a call to action button converts more visitors to click on than the other.


There are a variety of tools to help you gather your data to see where your site could be improved, the most common ones are Google analytics and heatmaps like Hotjar.



Google Analytics

If you have got your Google Analytics set up properly it will gather a load of information on the visitors of your site and you can use this data to check for any areas that can be improved on.

You can check 

  • Conversion rates from different sources
  • drop-off points in your sales funnel
  • Are your ads converting weeks later
  • bounce rate on each page


    Heatmaps are a great visual tool as they let you see what visitors are actually doing on your site rather than just data

    They can track

    • what visitors click on
    • Mouse movements across the screen
    • How far they scroll down the page
    • Record your visitors as they navigation around your site.
    • Setup questionnaires to ask your visitors what they think


    A/B Testing

    Then once all this data has been gathered and you have spotted an area that could be improved then you can run A/B tests which is a process to use to different versions of your site to check which one is better than the other e,g you might have a plain black ATC button and then run an A/B test to see if a bright blue button would convert better.  So by using special software you make the colour tweak and then set up so that half of your visitors see the original black ATC and the other half the new blue ATC button.

    Then once you have collected a large amount of data usual at least two weeks minimum you can compare the results.  If the new blue ATC button got an extra 5% conversions then you would know it is better than the black button.  you could then compare what a red button could do etc.



     As you can see CRO is a vital part of running an eCommerce site along with driving traffic, SEO, UX/UI and all are linked together, get all these right and it will give your business good chance to succeed.