Shopify Themes

Choosing the correct theme is an important first step to take and getting the correct theme at the start will save you time and money in the long run. We have made this Airtable of Shopify themes to easily compare and check their features.


To use the table you will find all the information on themes by searching for the information via the tabs which will then show you related information under a theme which in turn can be selected to then tell you more information.  For example, say you wanted to know which themes have a live search function on them, you would select the homepage tab and then find the search feature box.  Clicking on this will then open up with all the themes with live search as a feature.


Tab Info

  • Theme - this has each themes Information stored in it from all the other tabs
  • Theme Styles- This will tell you all the different theme styles names
  • Design Team - Which company makes the theme
  • Home page features - What features the home page has from standard features
  • Product page features - What features the product page has from standard features
  • Collection page features - What features the collection page has from standard
  • Blog page features  - What features the blog page has from standard
  • Colour settings choices -  Currently tell you how many colour choices are available in the main colour section(extra colour settings still to be added)
  • Typography choices - How many typography fonts can be assigned to the text 
  • Templates - extra templates available for pages, collections and products(not finished yet)
  • Settings- Any additional theme settings


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