Shipping Banner Blindness

Did you now that a leading UX survey found that 32% of leading e-commerce sites only display there shipping details on the product page via a banner or sitewide banner.

Now most Shopify themes have a topbar banner and most people will use this for an instore promotion or to tell people about a free shipping offer, but when viewing a website(27%) will completely miss these along with other types of banners too (slideshows etc).

This is what we call banner blindness.

Most people when view a website now will ignore banners as they associate them with ads or information that is unimportant.  they are also harder to spot due to all the information included in a stores header.

Not only that they often do not stand out enough to be spotted and often do not explain clearly what it means by free shipping as this normally is only for local areas.


This leading brands banner is hard to spot


Now, where should you but this information then I hear you ask, well apart from your shipping page which I hope you have if why not it should be placed on the product page near to the add to cart button of the product so as they check this information in the buying process they can also see the cost it will cost to ship( it just needs to explain the main shipping cost if your store has several) which will also help abandoned carts which 21% do because they couldn't see the shipping costs before.  If your shipping is a bit more complicated then provide a link so they can check out the information as telling them when they come to pay will annoy most and it will result in an abandoned cart which will then take more effort to then try to win back

Mircosoft have the shipping info clearly added to near the ATC


Interestingly having too many options on the product pages can be off-putting for users to so keep it simple. and don't overwhelm them which to many choices.

Make sure if you do have free shipping that it is for all products and to all places or if not then clearly make this clear to them as this again will likely make them abandoned the cart

So if you do use banners to promote your shipping info make sure you add this info to the product page as well so that the information needed to make the buying choice is available to them.


This is just part of many UX design elements that can help your stores work much better for your visitors and help you convert them.  Working with us will help identify UX issues with your site.