Flex Theme Review

Shopify Out of the sandbox flex theme review


Flex is the new premium theme from out of the sandbox which has a wealth of great features straight out of the box that can help you get a great website up and running in no time or perhaps not as you will be spoilt with so many things to tweak. Even thou its price tag is $450 we think it is well worth it.

 So what do you get for those extra bucks well the theme comes with 12 styles to choose from to get you going a little bit quicker so you spend less time setting those settings up.  From different headers, footers and even a sidebar menu there is something for everyone They even include a demo shop import feature which you will need to use their updater app to download these features, this app will also let you try the theme as a demo theme to try before you buy it too. You can even download some placeholder content from the demo stores to help you out too.

 The biggest issue we found with the theme is to many choices to pick, which header will you use, then there's the footer and so on but its better to be spoilt than having to fudge something to get a decent look that you want

 They have also added custom CSS sections in the theme settings so you don't have to dig into the code to make these adjustments if you ever need too and know how to add the code.

 There are a wealth of icons and elements to add to your store too.


Here are just some of the features that the Flex theme has.


The theme comes with a cookie bar in its setting now which means one less app needed which is always a welcome feature to any theme.

 The mega menu has been improved since the turbo theme which is a nice improvement.

 There are now three-button/link settings that you can now have which is great if you have light and dark images as you can now show button more easily than before.

Each section can show an animation effect like fade in and slide in options.

 Even the product pages have nice touches to them now like the ability to keep the product info part still while the images scroll.

 And as any out of the sandbox theme has it comes with the extra templates that you get with these themes.

 If you are going to start a Shopify store or want to change themes then we find any of the Out of the sandbox themes well worth the money and the Flex theme is defiantly our favourite at the moment.



Shopify Out of the sandbox flex theme review


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