E-commerce's stores have 5 types of shoppers

Recognising the five types of e-commerce shoppers will not only help you design a better store but will also help to turn them into buyers.

All your visitors are unique and can be at different buying stages so make sure you fulfil their needs will ultimately help your business to succeed.

Some of these types of shoppers depending on your business model can be weighted more to a certain group but you should never discount the others as they could become potential buyers in the future.


So what are the 5 types of shoppers.


  • Browsers

  • Researchers

  • Bargain hunters

  • Product focussed

  • One time shoppers




No not what type of browsers they are using but this is a group of shoppers who are just killing time, seeing what is about, looking for the latest trends, dreaming of what they might want in the future and so on.  

So at this time, they are not in a buying frame of mind but potentially could be. These browsers will spend longer on your site so is also good for the search engine rankings. They need to have a good user experience on the site with good navigation and find all the information they need. When these shoppers have a good time on your site they are then more likely to then come back again and be in one of the other shopping groups.

These shoppers what to see what's new, what's popular and what's on sale. Help them find related items or new items they might not know about. These buyers are also more likely to share what they see.



These shoppers know what they are after but are still not ready to buy in the future which can be the next day, week or month. They are here for information, to research your pricing, what you offer, product information, guarantees and so on.

So making sure they can find the info and to compare related products on your site.

They will be looking at images and product info carefully but make sure you have the important information first and the more detailed information lower if needed.

These shoppers need to gain your trust so having all the above with reassurances and an easy to navigate site for them is a must.


Bargain hunters

They are here for your sale items or might just see a sale item on a collection page so always make sure these sale items are with normal priced products too. They need to find the sale items easily and having the sale menu link first on the left in your menu helps them get there quicker.

If you offer a newsletter and a discount code make sure this goes to them straight away.

These types of buyers will go that extra mile and jump through hoops to meet criteria like a minimum spend.



Product focussed

These shoppers know what they want and are in a buying mode they might have been in one of the above shopper categories above or might be a repeat purchaser.

these need to get from a to b quickly with as little friction as possible as they are not here to browse as they have one goal in mind and might notice an upsell promotion but are likely to bypass it to complete there purchase without distraction.

Being able to find previous purchases and a simple order process will help them.


One time shoppers

These shoppers can be any of the above or might have a gift card or voucher to use. I'm sure you have all had one as a present to a site or store that you do not shop in usually

These shoppers do not know your site so once again they need to be able to move about easily.  

Recommended products and upselling are good for this type of shopper.

You have to gain the trust of these shoppers and make things simple.




These shopper types are all highly important and many will be more than one at some time. As the world changes more people can move into one type than another so understanding what your shoppers are doing or needing is an important consideration to undertake.

You should also understand the different customer personas that fall into these groups as well.