Amazons CRO Tactics

Amazon CRO tactics


We all know how big Amazon is in the e-commerce world and I'm sure we have all used there site to buy from.  We often tell people when we review there sites that something has been found to work or not from thousands of websites and Amazon is a prime ( no pun intended) is a fine example.  Amazon has spent time and money on getting their site to convert the best it can.


So what tactics do they use, here we go through some of them?


The homepage uses a bit of personalisation once you have an account from your postal address and your name to your recent buys.  Also, notice that they do not have a normal menu heading along the top but in a hamburger menu but with most categories under there products.  This is because they have a nice big live search bar at the top and most of there visitors will be using this so they have hidden the others bits as they are not really used.




After this, they use a lot of your recent searches to show you what you have viewed or might be interested in via a rather nifty personalisation system


Now on to the product pages and you can see after a clear product heading they use a tag "Amazon choice" to help promote trust in the product.  Then the review stars and answered questions which again is a trust point.

The pricing is the next tactic with a smaller standard price and the sale price bigger with a saving price plus a % saving too. 



Some products will have sacristy tactics on them like on order by x to receive it by y and a low stock remaining total.



You will also see they have bullet points with key points so that people can make quick informed decisions if its what they are looking for.


These are just some of the things that they have tweaked over the years to improve their conversions.