LifeThreads case study


In late march 2020 Life threads reached out to us with help with there website which due to recent worldwide circumstances had seen a large increase in sales but there conversion rate was still too low and under 1% even though sales had gone up 300%


 Launched in 2015 Lifethreads had a common goal of reinventing the uniform to be unrivalled in functionality, but also aspiration in style. Integrating innovative technologies that inhibit the unwanted bacteria to co-exist with soft, stretchy, and stylish apparel for our healthcare professionals


They reached out and asked "Hi, I'm looking to update our website with a better UI/UX experience that also converts. I've received feedback that our website is not user friendly on desktop or mobile."


The first step was to review their current site with a heuristic report and by looking into the Google analytics data but unfortunately, this had not been set up properly and couldn't be used but we soon fixed this for them.


So after a consultation with them over there feedback and looking at the current site we decide on changing their theme from a custom theme which gave them not much to change to an off the shelf Shopify theme.


So we went to work to add and improve the UI/UX of the store onto the new theme and make sure all the themes setting were set up to help in convert.  We also added some apps like a review app, cross-sell.


We added custom switches from images from the products, improved the product description layout with no information hidden under tabs.


We are still working with the Lifethreads team on further improvements and will be digging into the store's real data now we have some Google Analytics to view and will run some heatmaps plus all the customer feedback we have had.


Just these first simple steps have seen the conversion rate nearly double in a time when their sales had jumped to over 300% before and after we came on board. AOV is up 10% even with store sessions now down 17%.