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High Traffic But Low Conversions

Are you getting high amounts of good traffic to your store but your conversions rates are low then we can help.

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What is CRO

Conversion rate optimising ( CRO) is the process to find improvements to you store using a variety of tools and knowledge.

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How Can I Improve My Site

We will review your current data and run software to gather more info to see if there are areas that can be tested to see if they improve your current setup

Store Design or Redesign

We also can design , build and setup Shopify stores which of coarse will follow the latest bets conversion practices.

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 Soundly Sleeping Dragon saw an 93% conversion rate increase.  AOV +4% and Total sales went up 621% just by having there store redesigned to be more conversion friendly.

Cleanflow needed there site tweaked to follow CRO best practices and saw an 18% conversion rate increase, AOV went up 21% and Total sales +108% had a site redesign and saw there conversion rate go up 51%, AOV +21% and Total sales up 18% had some small tweaks done to there site.

Conversions shot up 150%, AOV +84% and total sales up 452% had a CRO report done to see areas that could be improved.  The search function was found to be a high converter but was just a small icon, this was made into a bar.  

This increased its conversion rate for searches up 7.29%, Transactions +35% and revenue 23%


As partners of Loox we can offer your 10% off your first years subscription.

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